Transset Transset - Russian software developer, for more than 18 years implementing BSS/OSS, ERP, BPM solutions for most efficient enterprises resource management and business profitability increasing.

Our specialists have unique competencies in the following areas:

  • business processes management;
  • infrastructure management (telecom, transport, oil and gas, etc.);
  • complex automation of national corporations;
  • implementation of scale corporate Enterprise Service Bus (ESB);
  • automatization of vulnerability assessment development and transport security provision plans;
  • Master Data management systems development;
  • mobile applications development.

Transset products and solutions

One of our leading products is the Integrated System for Monitoring and Administration «ISMA». ISMA is an integrated platform that allows to aggregate data from all infrastructure facilities at enterprises – electricity, transport, road facilities, water supply, etc., regardless of industry affiliation.

The main functionality of ISMA:

  • comprehensive infrastructure monitoring;
  • infrastructure management;
  • CMDB instruments;
  • short term and long term task scheduling;
  • change request management;
  • factor risk analysis;
  • multifunctional mobile application from employee task assignment management to geolocation and infrastructure management;
  • operational and analytical reporting;
  • automated human resources and transport usage management;
  • process-oriented approach.

Implementation of ISMA allows:

  • to decrease number of infrastructure incidents by 4.5 times;
  • to increase speed of personnel reaction to infrastructure incidents by 3 times;
  • to increase human resources productivity by 30%;
  • to achieve infrastructure availability ratio up to 0.99998.

«ISC TSF» – the Integrated System for Certification of Transport Security (TS) Forces.

ISC TSF developed to solve the following tasks:

  • obtainе objective assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities of TS support forces;
  • provide training opportunities for TS forces to pass certification from any location;
  • provide remote continuous monitoring of certification progress and results.

«SDV and TS» - the System for Developing and Verification of Vulnerability assessments and Transport usage Security plans.

Implementation of the system allows:

  • to reduce time and labor costs during development and testing, with interaction of all process participants (for more than 30%);
  • to reduce number of errors in documents by 95% due to automated checkups in accordance with current legislation;
  • to track work status in real time and make decision timely.

«AIS OPR» - the Automated Information System for Organization of Permit Regime at transport infrastructure in full compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federation Government Resolution No. 29 of 23.01.2016.

. The system designed for the following tasks:

  • providing managers with reliable information on staff, vehicles and material goods movement across checkpoints;
  • minimize usage of fake passes;
  • identifying violations in movement across infrastructure borders.

All Transset software products are Russian developments and can significantly reduce the enterprises expenses, decrease the number of infrastructure incidents, increase the infrastructure availability.

Among our customers and partners: RZD, Transneft, Lengiprotrans, Avtodor-Telecom, MIIT, TTK, Roszheldor, Crimean railway and others.

Company address:

23/2 Novaya Basmannaya Street, Moscow, 107078

Phone: 8 (499) 649-46-68

74/30 Litvinova street, Nizhniy Novgorod, 603002

Phone: 8 (831) 272-88-88




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