NEO Centre JSC

NEO Centre JSC

Over the last 20 years, JSC ‘NEO Centre’ has helped develop and grow businesses across a range of industries, while providing first class business solutions. Our expertise covers engineering, asset valuation, raising finance, strategic and management consulting has resulted in the successful completion of more than 20 000 projects. In total, more than 3 000 companies have successfully achieved their business goals.

Comprehensive engineering assistance in transport construction

Since 2007, ‘NEO Centre’ has provided a range of consulting services for road construction projects across Russia, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. Services rendered includes:

  • development and assessment of budget documentation
  • development of legal and financial documentation as well as economic schemes of the project
  • assessment of capital expenditure
  • development of a business plan
  • technical and cost assessment
  • development and assessment of transport and information models
  • maintenance of design and optimization of design decisions
  • financial, technical and construction supervision
  • expertise (acting as an independent engineer) and supervision of special circumstances in concession projects
  • financial and construction control

‘NEO Centre’ has assisted many companies in optimizing temporary and expenses as well as in putting constructions into operation on time and with appropriate quality. ‘NEO Center’ has helped some companies to reduce their investment expenses for several billion rubles.

Experts of ‘NEO Centre’:

  • will fully render services at all stages of a project: from strategy to assessment of its results
  • will help to minimize risks connected with overestimation of expenses
  • will provide a detailed report on stages of implementation of a project
  • will inform about the facts of violation of technology at construction works
  • will give their independent expert opinion on technical, technological, financial, cost and other components of a project

Valeria Plotnikova (CEO of JSC ‘NEO Centre’): ‘Despite high competition in road construction (about 3.5 thousand companies are actively working in this branch, at present), no more than 15% of service providers are paying enough attention to such an important project aspect as its effective management. As such, potential for expenses decrease as well as for reductions in terms of realization and quality improvement of construction projects in transport branch, remain quite high. Expertise of ‘NEO Centre’ will help make implementation of a project as effective as possible. It will provide high level consulting while constructing and will allow your company to reduce subsequent operational expenses’.

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