LLC «Roks-Center» LLC «Lemminkainen Stroy»

LLC «Roks-Center» LLC «Lemminkainen Stroy» (Concern YIT)

LLC “Roks-Center” performs road constructions and improvement of areas in Moscow and Moscow region.

LLC Lemminkainen Stroy joined to YIT (Finland) since 2018 after merger YIT and Lemminkainen. YIT is one of the largest construction companies in the Nordic countries and Russia.

LLC Lemminkainen Stroy performs construction and repair works of federal roads in the Central Federal District and of the road network in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In these cities the company has got its own production premises, repair workshop, accredited laboratories and modern road construction machines.

In its work, the company uses widely innovative technologies and materials. The company has experience in the preparation of asphalt mixtures and paving using Superpave mix design method, in the repair works of road pavement using laser scanning and 3D-technologies. LLC Lemminkainen Stroy owns and overpasses using cast asphalt mixtures and mastics based on polymer-bitumen binder (patented trademarks “Lemproof”, “Lemfalt”, “Lemmastix”). Our experience includes 220 bridges, a total area of 400,000 sq m on the federal highways M-1 “Belarus”, M-2 “Crimea”, M-4 “Don”, M-7 “Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod”, M-10 “Moscow — St. Petersburg”, M-11 “Moscow — St. Petersburg” between km 15 — km 58, Western High Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg and other.

Company address:

LLC Roks-Center: Yaroslavskoe highway, 114, bld. 2, Moscow 129337

LLC Lemminkainen Stroy, YIT: 2-ya Khutorskaya, 38A, bld. 15, of. 205, Moscow 127287



LLC Roks-Center:

LLC Lemmikainen Stroy, YIT:


LLC Roks-Center: +7 (495) 785-76-54; +7 (499) 183-94-92

LLC Roks-Center: +7 (495) 775-18-77


LLC Lemminkainen Stroy: +7 (495) 775-18-77


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