Joint-stock company MOSTOTREST-SERVIS is specialized in provision of comprehensive road maintenance services.

Company was registered by the Moscow Chamber of Registration on 14th July 1992 under the name of closed joint-stock company NATSIONAL'NAYA INDUSTRIAL'NO-TORGOVAYA PALATA (CJSC NITP) as the company specialized in the horizontal road surface marking works for the network of the federal roads.

In June 2012 60% of shares of the company CJSC NITP were bought by the PJSC MOSTOTREST. As of 25th July 2013 company’s name is changed to closed joint-stock company MOSTOTREST-SERVIS, as of 2nd July 2015 name of the closed joint-stock company MOSTOTREST-SERVIS is changed to Joint-stock company MOSTOTREST-SERVIS (JSC MTTS).

Nowadays JSC MTTS is a subsidiary of the PJSC MOSTOTREST, first integrated diversified holding in Russian Federation specialized in provision of the full spectrum of services in the area of infrastructure construction and functions as a service company specialized in provision of comprehensive maintenance services in regards to roads, man-made structures on them including road surface marking works, maintenance of electric lighting lines, systems and individual elements of intelligent transport systems (ITS), operation and maintenance of stationary automated systems for the de-icing of roadsand capital repairs of roads and man-made structures.

JSC MTTS (with headquarters in Moscow City) structurally consists of the management personnel of more than 170 employees (5 of them with science degrees) and 20 subsidiary companies in 14 regions of Russia with more than 4,000 employees.

As of September 1, 2018, the total length of the MTTS network of federal roads, including those operated on a paid basis is 4,345 linear kilometers.

Most of the works are performed and services are provided using company’s own labor. Nowadays JSC MTTS possesses the powerful industrial potential and high-performance machinery fit for all-season maintenance of roads and man-made structures. Company is currently partnered with the largest road-building, bridge building companies and toll highway operators working on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Company address: 6 Barklaya st., bld. 5, Moscow, 121087, Russia

Site: http://mostotrest-service.ru

E-mail: info@mostotrest-service.ru

Phone: +7 (495) 669-70-40

Fax: +7 (495) 644-32-24